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Don't let a bad economy get you down. Be your own boss. You can still make money and have fun too. If you have lots of friends or are well connected in the "Seattle party scene" then it's easy for you to organize your own private fun cruises for profit. It's all about delivering a good time. We can show you how to plan the cruise, get a banquet permit and map out the costs. It's easy, just set a date, select a theme, and we can help you figure out the details. Call us today and we can help you make some cash doing what you love.

"OMG, I had my each of my friends chip in $50 for a night of passionate fun and dancing, and I made enough to cover my rent!. We had so much fun!"
- Party On, Booboo

"I popped a promo out to my work buddies for a beer, boobs and BBQ night for $75 bucks. Had a great showing, dancers were awesome. I netted $500 bucks"
- Rob

"First I have to say, thanks for not complaining when everyone got naked. Everyone had such a great time in the hot tub and I even made a little cash which I will use to buy a new dress. If you find it, please let me know :) I look forward to doing another Margarita Monday party with you soon!"
- Lisa

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